Crazy Verse: AZ – Sosa

azThe most underrated.


Minolta, double exposure, wide lens view
Check credentials and niggas next to push tha Benz through
You know the glow iced out rings long dough
Spandex, Moshino, ho bitches lettin’ their thong show
I play the game, took plenty paper still remain the same
Age and name, barrel link chain, lettin’ my piece hang
Domestic, no more crime play but still connected Continue reading

8 Million Stories: The LOX – Bi**ches From Eastwick

This story is about a crazy encounter with three women they once mingled with. It turns out they weren’t the type of women that the Lox thought they were. These ladies had a motives for their actions and action is how this story ended. As you get deeper in the story, you will see how crazy these chicks were but who’s to blame for all of this occurring? This one has always been one of my favorites stories. Get a listen. Continue reading