Stream MGMT’s New Album Entitled MGMT

I randomly came across this today and was rather surprised. So from what I understand MGMT is supposed to release their third album “MGMT” on September 17th of this year. Below you can listen to snippets from the album, you have to an account with Rdio in order to listen to the whole album, mark. My expectations are not high whatsoever. I’m expecting something different but nothing spectacular, no pun intended. Didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment. I would like to hear what your thoughts are.

Amazing songs by Astronauts, Etc*

The other day I was streaming through some music and I came across this song that I really didn’t attach myself to until it went off. I couldn’t help but to repeat the song over and over again. After a while I looked down at my pod to see who sung it and it was this artist named Astronaut, Etc. I never heard of him but I liked what I heard. Another thing that surprised me was that it was a cover. Usually, imo, the covers suck but this guy completely blew the originals out the water. Here listen to his cover of Youth Lagoon’s “17” Continue reading