Sample to Drake’s Wu Tang Forever & Pound Cake

I’m just in the mood to listen to some samples this morning. Two of my favorite songs from Drake’s Nothing Was The Same contains samples that I wanted to listen to just to kind of see how they were flipped by Noah ’40’ Shebib & Boi1da. The first of which comes from Wu Tang Forever which was Continue reading

Just My Thoughts on 9th Wonder’s Bladey Mae

If you read my post a few days back then you saw how excited I was to dig into this nugget from 9th. Don’t wait up on a track by track review (is you crazy!?!), I’m just going to share a few thoughts after getting a few listens.

The thing that’s interesting is 73 beats, how do you fit that on a cd? Who uses cds anymore? Uhhh true but 73? Hot damn. We all know that this cant his best material (not for $10, come on now) but this makes me wonder how big 9th stash of beats really is. Dilla-like? Dilla did split his beat tapes up, though there were a lot of them. Continue reading