Crazy Verse: G Herbo

Hard not to feel this one.

Have you ever heard of no limit, three hundred, six hundred?
Folly boy, O block, eastside
Where it ain’t no conversation they just let them heats ride

Can’t nobody stop the violence, why my city keep lyin’?
Niggas throw up peace signs but everybody keep dying
Used to post up on that strip, I look like a street sign
I’ve been out there three days and I got shot at three times
Felt like every bullet hit me when they flew out each nine
I be happy when I wake up and I have a free mind

I know haters wanna clap me up, watch the morgue grab me up
But they can catch me later, I been cool, chasin’ paper

Where I come from ain’t no hope if you was claimin’ that was major
Small crib, big fam, mom was workin’, granny raised us
No food in the refrigerator, I was bangin’, pullin’ capers, that’s real shit

Same niggas from day one boy, yeah I’m still with
Better watch out for that jump shot cause they will hit
Homie take your shorty lunchbox, and won’t feel shit
I came from a place where it’s basic but you won’t make it
Feds buildin’ cases, judges who racist and full of hatred I mean
You ain’t never seen the shit that I seen



I’ll never talk a nigga down, do yo’ thang dawg~!

Never hate a dude for tryin, that’s insane dawg

Get yo’ motherfuckin money, that’s the thang dawg

Too many homies dyin young, feel my pain y’all -Scarface 

Take the high road

I was shuffling through my Jay-Z playlist the other day and stumbled upon ‘Trouble’. I like this track, the production, the quality, the lyrics. There’s one particular lyric that hooked me and its around haters and how to react.

And my conscience go, “You escaped the RICO
Why throw everything away over ego?”

You paper chasin’, they paper hatin’
Billionaire Hov, you on the pace to make it

Its funny how we find ego at the center of many of our reactions to everyday bullshit. Think back to some of your recent conflicts with others, how was it handled, etc. Did ego/pride play a part? We’re all guilty to an extent. Jay-Z’s proud of it in this instance. Here’s how he ended the verse:

Fuck that, exclamation, comma
Quotation’s “I love drama”, period

I’ve been trying to take the high road for a while and its just much easier to do and not get sucked in to the unimportant shit that most do. Keep your momentum going, don’t let the naysayers slow you down. Signal, switch lanes, accelerate.

Working Weekends

Last year was a beast. I had my first child and my job took everything I had due to demanding projects and leadership responsibilities. I didn’t always handle things in the most efficient ways even though I would have liked have. Nonetheless, everything got done to my liking. What am I doing different this year is more focused work and in order to do that there is a need to understanding your style of working.

More time aboard and less time at home
Less time for broads and more time in zones

My personal style is sprints. Focused work for an hour or 2 (no interruptions) with short breaks in between. This isn’t possible in my line of work. Its essentially chaos each day with no time to focus on real work. When you are in a servicing role, there is always a “fire” to put out or some executive with an ‘urgent’ issue that you have to look at immediately. It frustrating for someone like me who’s most effective with focus time.

Instead of complaining, I had to find a way to make it work for me based on my work and habits. On top of focus, I like to work when I get the feeling to regardless of the day. I’ve tried so hard to just be lazy and rest on the weekends (my managers have recommended) but quite honestly this is the time where I don’t have to deal with chaos and have time to think about professional and personal work.

I got a hunger for knowledge and I miss no meals
I stay high off life and I miss no pills
I’m addicted to thrill of walking along the edge
Not knowing what lays ahead but always knowing the deal

Lately I have been working on the weekends (during my son’s naps). Not in the sense of sitting there answering email like a nerd but creative work. Digging into learning new technologies, strategizing the next few months at work, practicing hobbies, reading and it has been surprisedly fulfilling. For me, it doesn’t feel like work as I make sure its the most important things to me that I give the time.

I’m trying to get mine in this life time
The after life is much further in pipeline

I’m in inclined to believe that but truth is, that for death, any moment is the right time
So I live like everyday is my last
But I plan for tomorrow as if I will never pass

When I don’t feel like working, I don’t. That’s rare, mostly when I am just sleepy. When I feel like sleeping, I sleep…..sike, my son decides that. hahaha.

As crazy as it sounds, it feels like I have more free time with this type of schedule. Likely because I am getting work done faster due to no interruptions and focus.

This style might not be for everyone but it works for me, I’m able to get my important work done, clear my head/anxiety and continue with progress in my life.

I’m good with my decisions, the set backs and gains
Is all apart of the game, I’m ready to spin the wheel