Crazy Verse: Jay-Z – Dopeman

Verse 3. Right hand on the Bible, left hand in the air Before I spoke one word, made sure my throat was clear A-hem, I’m a prisoner of circumstance Frail nigga, I couldn’t much work with my hands But my mind was strong, I grew where you hold your blacks up Trap us, expect us […]

Crazy Verse: Nipsey Hussle

Real ass verse Nip. I’m prolific, so gifted I’m the type that’s gon’ go get it, no kiddin’ Breaking down a Swisher in front of yo buildin’ Sitting on the steps feeling no feelings Last night, it was a cold killin’ You gotta keep the devil in his hole, nigga But you know how it […]

Crazy Verse: Meyhem Lauren

Just a fly verse with impressive wordplay. Suicidal doors, bipolar necklaces Army suit matchin’ this coupe ’cause we perfectionists Three’s basic, forty-five colors on the Coogi You see me but you never knew me, somethin’ like a failed father Up in Saks bustin’ down racks We out in Bal Harbour, certified Looking like I’m powerin’ […]

Crazy Verse: G Herbo

Hard not to feel this one. Have you ever heard of no limit, three hundred, six hundred? Folly boy, O block, eastside Where it ain’t no conversation they just let them heats ride Can’t nobody stop the violence, why my city keep lyin’? Niggas throw up peace signs but everybody keep dying Used to post […]

Crazy Verse: Mick Jenkin – THC

I’m not always talking marijuana when I’m referencing these trees (trees) Always talking water but that’s just the truth you gotta read between the lines And got you sniffing coke off hundred dollar bills (‘llar bills) We sip the lean, we pop the pills (the pills) Why everything that’s supposed to be bad gotta be […]