Some say that them hard times let you know that you alive…

Whenever I am in a bind and feel that sense of hopelessness, yU gets my mental back on track.

Like a tape deck, I had to push play instead of a pause / stress, I let it fall and evolve, that’s Allah.

The emotional rollercoaster is real but a process meaning there is a beginning and an end. Best thing to do is just hold on and experience the ride. Don’t do nothing stupid during the ride.

Im feeling close to my maker thankful I’m allowed to wake up and explore another day cause I don’t have to / my attitude is let’s do it just like the planets, keep moving…

As you come off that last curve and drop, things level out and you start to think clearer (time it takes to get here will vary) accepting the problem for what it is. You get yourself together to make adjustments and continue on your path in life.

You keep your faith up, head high looking straight up…

This is a beautiful track about stress, depression and overcoming those mental obstacles. It’s been in my playlist for years for this reason.

Break it down…

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