Crazy Verse: Ghostface – Rainy Dayz

The way Ghost comes in is just perfect. The verse is vivid visions.

The war is on, yo
On rainy days I sit back and count ways on
How to get rich son
, show and prove, ask my bitch
Stood up late nights, build with my a-alikes
We can pull a heist, snatch ice, or rock mics
But this rap shit, got me wanna clack back the latch
How it goes the only pesos made from scratch
But in due time, soon to get mine like Bugsy
Heavy on the wrist, Polo Moc, Socks and Rugby’s

Old flicks remind me of Gucci’s
Back in Union Square when little Maxmil, blast Pierre
That was Build Build, fast forward, ninety-four

Who got the bad base? Filthiest fiends scream for more
Bless me out of state, howdy Jake, Starks is back
Niggas want work, 9 brought back off a g-pack
Coke rocks flood the co-ops living gossip
Them big lip niggas singing to cops need to box it
Stop it, the projects overflooded with slow leaks
The fiends get, new faces get wrapped in sheets
I gotta get mine, like my old Earth, bless the cheese line
Sipping on fine wine, the power of the blacks refined
(Rainy days) Divine
Waiting on these royalties takes too long
It’s like waiting on babies
, it makes me want to slay thee
But that’s ungodly, so yo God, pardon me
I need it real quick,
the dough flow like penmanship
Meat heads get pistol-whipped, I blow spots like horse shit
So now talk shit, nigga what?

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