Smilez & Southstar

This one of them tracks that was on my old mix CD back in the early 2000s. Love the sample and dug the group. They disappeared fast afterwards though.


LL Cool J Redman Tical and DMX MTV Rare Interview

Random thoughts…

LL was fresh off the In The House set I bet.

That fubu coat is mean.

I remember I use to rock the one pant leg up too because of Cool James

Redman is high as Jupiter. Idk what he talking about but funk doc is the name.

Meth chilling. He dropped a superb album that year

X!!! The interviewer showed no love to that fire he spit. I believe that was the verse from Blackout ft The Lox and JayZ.

DMX is all business, no wonder he dropped 2 great albums in 1998.

Damn, Def Jam use to have a hell of a roster.