Inspiration: Nas

From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable

Crazy Verse: Meyhem Lauren

Just a fly verse with impressive wordplay.

Suicidal doors, bipolar necklaces
Army suit matchin’ this coupe ’cause we perfectionists
Three’s basic, forty-five colors on the Coogi
You see me but you never knew me, somethin’ like a failed father
Up in Saks bustin’ down racks
We out in Bal Harbour, certified
Looking like I’m powerin’ appliance
Beefin’ over money that can sour an alliance
Infused EVOO, sitting in the cabinet
Used to hold the work under the whip using a magnet
Outfits, controversial like I’m Russell Westbrook
Code name Lorraine, ’bout to hit you with a left hook
And fuck these old niggas actin’ like they made us
We superceded everything they did so now they hate us
Take a look at my life, ’cause I’m historical
You the type to compliment a Rolly at the urinal
I’m the type to look up continents and then explore a few
Splash Disaronno in the coffee
This watch is costly, I tell the time with your salary
Every Gucci hoodie that’s out, you couldn’t style with me
Creamed spinach, vintage, tinted but still shine through
Easy ‘fore we up in the spot, I might blind you

Good Read: What Every Producer Should Know About Getting Paid

This was a very interesting and helpful video. We all hear about so and so producer not being paid after the producer makes a smash hit for the artist and the label. Sad but true. Let’s be honest, these days the beats owns 80% of the record and may be the main reason you pressed play. Some producers are more famous than artists. I’m not mad at that, music production is very hard to do consistently. These guys and gals deserves every penny. Enjoy the read here.


No Car Note

Being in debt sucks, no one never taught me how to manage it, no college courses, just learned through trial and error to stop keeping it up with the Joneses that we don’t even like. Sure the Porsche looks lovely but adding the potential monthly payment to savings or your kids education instead is much better.

I’m riding mine to the wheels fall off. This songs reminds me how good it feels not to have a car note. Be content with what you got. Shout to Dee-1.