No Car Note

Being in debt sucks, no one never taught me how to manage it, no college courses, just learned through trial and error to stop keeping it up with the Joneses that we don’t even like. Sure the Porsche looks lovely but adding the potential monthly payment to savings or your kids education instead is much better.

I’m riding mine to the wheels fall off. This songs reminds me how good it feels not to have a car note. Be content with what you got. Shout to Dee-1.


Earthgang. Meditate. J.I.D.

Ever since I heard D/vision and Jermaine’s interlude, I been trying to catch up on Earthgang. This jam is another good one. The visual is sort of a mindfuck, which I prefer most of the time.

Pay The Man Remix

Two of my favorite new artists (its hard to find new artists these days that consistently deliver my flavor of music), J.I.D. and Saba. As soon as I seen this I knew their flows would work together. Chicago and ATL hooking up for the remix of a really nice remix of Foster The People’s jam.

Does anyone else feel like this could have easily been a Lupe track from 2007? The vibes man, the vibes.

Mase & Culture Club

I learn something new everyday. As I sit in the doctor’s office i over hear these lyrics:

“Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry…”

Shazam app loaded, it was Culture Club. Never heard of them but the tune was decent.

Still thinking over a matter of minutes, Iknew i heard those words before but in a different cadence. Mase! Harlem World’s own.

So random but Mase made a tough track with these words. Reminisce with me.

I love discovering the stems of inspiration used to make some of the classic hip hop jams I grew up on.

Crazy Verse: Neef Buck – Tough Luv

A track where his groupmate shares his concern with his lack of focus and work ethic towards the rap game. It’s a wake up call to Neef, who comes in on the 3rd verse refocused. Might be my favorite Young Gunz track of all time.

The kid back in the zone, killin them songs
I’m back to my old self, C I’m ’bout to prove em wrong
Cuz in the past, a lotta shit been fucked up
Like when you hear Young Chris and don’t hear Neef Buck
Young Gunna I got ya..
But you hatas gonna make me snap, cock back and red dot ya
Face it, ya basic…you can’t tie my laces
Now I got the game mapped, plus I want my spot back
We together forever, these niggas can’t stop that
Do it for who? I do it for you!
Let’s be for real homeboy, they not our crew
And since we talkin facts, it’s really just us two (Whoo)
And I know you feel the same when you’re signed
But you couldn’t even ride cuz I wasn’t on my job
Don’t never ever think I left your side
Never T-mac and Carter C, Man you a part of me
Brother from another, even though my momma loved you like her own
Let’s do this rap shit and just move on
I just thought I was passin a baton, lettin you kill them songs
Now I feel I’m all wrong
God forbid this rap shit’ll don’t even work out
Still know the Coke route, still get our moms out
And that’s a promise we could never break
C you never changed, don’t be dogged… that was my mistake
But don’t worry, we gon get this in a hurry
Young Chris, Young Neef; Tough Luv til we bury

Eptiome of Life: Melachi the Nutcracker

Some verses just capture a personal feeling that you can relate to almost 100%, a true epitome of my life.

“Group Home – Supa Star”

Born in the ghetto it’s hard to survive
Some have achieved and many brothers tried
But I realized which life to choose
I wanna make money so I gotta pay dues
But there’s no rules and you only have one chance
If ya fuck up kid you face the circumstance
At night I used to scream and shout
Livin’ in the ghetto trying to get the hell out
So I would try as I watch my friends die
But all I could do was sit back and cry
These are feelings I’m expressing through my rhymes
I been through hard times so many problems on my mind
I wasn’t living rich and I also wasn’t poor
I try to appreciate but I deserve more…