There has been a track that has pushed me to keep a hawk eye on my finances, life and career. Foreclosures by Rick Ross. I have kept my finances in order but the sad realities mentioned made me go a bid deeper in the numbers and a little harder at work and side hustles. Months later, I’m operating a little different. I’ve literally ‘foreclosed on my past life’. Death row, fast life.

“The white man call us stupid niggas, we spend it all – nothing for our children”

Asking myself, what am i doing all of this for? Its not material things anymore, its much bigger. To give my family a better life now and later, when I’m gone. I’ve got a little success now, what am I going to do with this opportunity? Beat it into submission.  What’s really important to do today? this week? this month? What do I want to say 30 years from now when I look at my life, career and my family? I have no regrets. Answering such everyday changed my mindset.

‘Time to learn boy that cash rules, success is a precious jewel”

Perhaps ask yourself the same questions. We only have so much time on this earth so how are we going to use it? Hopefully on something we enjoy and have passion for. Its not all about the money but hey, we need some of it to live comfortably. Laser focused on taking care of your business and your family. Fuck everything else until that is complete.

Thanks Ross for the reminders.

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