I’ll never talk a nigga down, do yo’ thang dawg~!

Never hate a dude for tryin, that’s insane dawg

Get yo’ motherfuckin money, that’s the thang dawg

Too many homies dyin young, feel my pain y’all -Scarface 

Take the high road

I was shuffling through my Jay-Z playlist the other day and stumbled upon ‘Trouble’. I like this track, the production, the quality, the lyrics. There’s one particular lyric that hooked me and its around haters and how to react.

And my conscience go, “You escaped the RICO
Why throw everything away over ego?”

You paper chasin’, they paper hatin’
Billionaire Hov, you on the pace to make it

Its funny how we find ego at the center of many of our reactions to everyday bullshit. Think back to some of your recent conflicts with others, how was it handled, etc. Did ego/pride play a part? We’re all guilty to an extent. Jay-Z’s proud of it in this instance. Here’s how he ended the verse:

Fuck that, exclamation, comma
Quotation’s “I love drama”, period

I’ve been trying to take the high road for a while and its just much easier to do and not get sucked in to the unimportant shit that most do. Keep your momentum going, don’t let the naysayers slow you down. Signal, switch lanes, accelerate.