Crazy Verse: Mick Jenkin – THC

I’m not always talking marijuana when I’m referencing these trees (trees)
Always talking water but that’s just the truth you gotta read between the lines
And got you sniffing coke off hundred dollar bills (‘llar bills)
We sip the lean, we pop the pills (the pills)
Why everything that’s supposed to be bad gotta be such a thrill
Why is praising mediocrity such a skill
It bothers me
When rich niggas with minds below poverty lines
Get to play like they Socrates
I play like apostrophes
I mean I’m over the words unless they verbs
That’s when we see curves like sundresses in June
The politicians addressing the youth
Talking the loudest and smokin’ the boof
Show me the proof
Who puffing the love?
Who rolled up the truths?
See, as well as figuratively we only smoke gas
Who rolled up the foots?
No oops, just smoke ’em out
Brought the water had these niggas drowning and choking out
Tryna spread The Healing Component
This love through the culture now like

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