Crazy Verse: Saba – Monday to Monday

The boy so hungry.

Honestly I think that 24 seven a understatement to my day to day
If ain’t no way then imma make way
Naysayers say it ain’t no way
I ain’t never listen
Kept em at a distance
This is for the ones who ain’t afraid
And this is more than some paper chase
I wonder who else can say the same
Never worried bout what they attain
If I’m living then I really can’t complain
Can’t contain who you really are
I know my true colors like this ain’t a stain
Hustle hard like a MMA hit
Didn’t do it all in a day spent
But if they did we ain’t hating
Look, I go double or nothing I’m just here to gamble
On my grind like my name was Kareem Campbell
Built it from the ground up like I just went camping
My name should be hand in hand with Thor’s hammer
Remember when I couldn’t afford dinner
Losing weight I’m getting more thinner
Saw it coming like a lesson planner
All the glitz and glamor critically acclimated I grew it on my own my organic
Now my agent say we tour planning
World renown like Michael or Janet
Got it out the ground like growing granite
Gracious I can’t take a day for granted
Never looking down and never panicked
Only kept my thought on being great
And that’s what I attracted like a magnet

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