Crazy Verse: Joell Ortiz – A Couple Dollars

Joell, my goodness. Gets better by each line…

As a youngin’, had a lot on my plate
I ain’t finna complain, just had a lot on my plate
Razors, 12 12 skinnies and 58s
I cooked a 6 deuce and came back with 58
I ain’t stressin’, I ain’t stretch it, I just cheffed it in the butter
Orville Redenbacher, had it poppin’, word to mother
Swervin’ under covers, had it local, had it OT
Whippin’ up P-O-T tryna get to the T-O-P
Get in and get out, that’s always the plan
But all of them bands to a kid in the project who had nothin’, so damned
Hard to let go from starvin’ stomach, hollow with the echo
To the hardest Marc Ecko extra large retro
MJs before they dropped, but a lot started to drop
Stick up kids got the drop, my sneaker box dropped
Dropped crack, switched to diesel when some fiends dropped
Feds eavesdroppin” on my drop, got ’em street blocked
They dropped by my man’s spot so now he locked
I drop to both knees prayin’ dimes don’t get dropped
Dropped it all, be the bird locked in the coupe
Or take your talent more serious and lock in that booth
I chose the latter, and thank God for showin’ Joe the ladder
Helped me climb through these rhymes
Who said I would never matter?
Look at me, such a hard act to follow
Lookin’ forward to tomorrow, you’ll never hear me holler

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