Play the keys!!!

Sounds like a mad man of some sort on the keys. That, along with the muffled drums. Perfecto. PLAY THE KEYS!!!

Ahead of its time? What a world!

If this came out today, it just might be a hit. The production is perfect quite frankly. Funky to the fullest. I could see NERD or QTip destroying this ( would have fit right into The Rennaisance vibes). This vibe was new for Common and he did a solid job I believe. Universal Mind Control was probably everyone’s least favorite Common album but props to him for stepping out of his comfort zone. It’s not a terrible album. 

Keep your goals to yourself

YU captures this thought perfectly. This is a philosophy I adopted years back. The result is laser focus without any naysayers. Nothing against them, it’s human nature. These days, I don’t have time for negative energy. Any kind of self doubt could kill the root of your passion for the goal.

Oddisee also had a nice quote around the same thought, “So I learned to minimize ni&&as that get inside my enterprise, I find that’s the way to stay clear” -another’s grind

YU – I believe. 2nd verse

Aight, you got a goal in mind, now that’s a good start
Let people know what you’re crafting, they’ll pull it apart
And say it needs some of this, and a ‘lil bit of that
Before you put the finishing touch, their giving it the axe
And start chopping down a young tree
That’s why my ideas are unseen, cause haters live amongst me
Obviously, they ain’t seeing it from the same angle
Hear what you saying, take notes
But still it won’t change you
That criticism is a good thing
But a sense of self worth is a trait that’s sure to make king
Of a peasant who thought that he’s worth less than
They estimating to play God, but F’ them
Your concern is to claim what you’ve earned
Live and learn as the tables turn
Your bond is your word
Now whether you stick tools up to use
Hopefully, you’ll be on your deen
Because I believe