Digging the message from this guy. I seen him on the Kids Menu documentary.

Nutrition for me (and the family) has been in the corner of my mind over the last 2-3 years. Small changes have been made over time with great results. You easily see the connectors of why we eat what we eat. It’s more discipline to make the change and that’s what kills most of us.

Once we create that habit, sky’s the limit. The reason is good health everyday is a great one and I got to have it by any means. This will be done by putting my foot down on what I eat and drink day in and day out. I’m almost there but I still have another hill to climb first. One step at a time.

Do ya body right and it loves you back -Nas

Escapism Vol.1

You ever feel like a song has you levitating over physical self enjoying the views and freedom? That’s what Tame Impala’s Mind Mischeif did to me when I first heard it years ago.

I just don’t know where the hell I belong…

I’m in a coffee shop in the Northwest on business. It’s 7am pacific, I’m groggy, then boom I hear that electric guitar and that incredible breakbeat. I was like 😳. I continued to listened, loving what I was hearing when I remembered to Shazam it. So glad I did.

How optimism led me astray, Two hundred things I took the wrong way

The guitar work, the drums and that damn synth half through the jam literally have me feeling like I’m beaming up to Scottie. The reverb and 360 effect on his voice enables that twilight zone aura. I had Mental freedom for a couple minutes.👏🏾 nice production. 
I left that coffee shop in a daze from what I just heard. Dazed but happy as the feeling of finding great music is a good one. 👌🏾