Crazy Verse: Elzhi- Reunion

Just a real verse. You can’t help but to feel it.

Yo ‘Tin kill’n em, 3 kill’n ’em
You thought we broke up and yeah you right, we really did
I wrote a verse that I recited – it was hot
But I had to rewrite cause I thought we was united and we not
But though all the love that I got for you
Partner I picked apart ya words and I’m shocked in the interviews
I been accused of not carin’

When the city threw your furniture out
It’s not fair when I’m learnin’ about how stressed you feel in a article
Forget a rhyme, I’m just as real when I talk to you

And you know that we share Kodak moments
I wish we could go back
But don’t act like you wasn’t buggin’ out like a phone tap
Chasin’ cars in the street

I saw you throw up hard in the sink
Then after hit the bar for a drink, who asked you to slow down
Even though niggas told me you was gon’ clown
But I tried, and you know I cried when I saw you wild’n at the State Theater
Near the door by the side

Went to throw you in the trunk and find a preacher for you
Cause I thought you had unlawful demons on you

Sinkin fast in the deepest soil
Your parents finally got you some help
You came out seemin’ normal and
I heard you on medication
Had an illness you couldn’t heal with herbs and meditation
And believe me, me and T3 kept it low
Take this as a diss, this is just to let you know that I love you
But watch the company you keep
Swearin’ niggas don’t care, but they love you in the streets
Get your mind right nigga

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