The Bird

Recently got put on to the Malibu album. It’s a journey here and there. This is my current favorite due to the vibes and vocals. His vocal tones brings out the struggle and appreciation as he reflects on his past

Crazy Verse: Elzhi- Reunion

Just a real verse. You can’t help but to feel it.

Yo ‘Tin kill’n em, 3 kill’n ’em
You thought we broke up and yeah you right, we really did
I wrote a verse that I recited – it was hot
But I had to rewrite cause I thought we was united and we not
But though all the love that I got for you
Partner I picked apart ya words and I’m shocked in the interviews
I been accused of not carin’

When the city threw your furniture out
It’s not fair when I’m learnin’ about how stressed you feel in a article
Forget a rhyme, I’m just as real when I talk to you

And you know that we share Kodak moments
I wish we could go back
But don’t act like you wasn’t buggin’ out like a phone tap
Chasin’ cars in the street

I saw you throw up hard in the sink
Then after hit the bar for a drink, who asked you to slow down
Even though niggas told me you was gon’ clown
But I tried, and you know I cried when I saw you wild’n at the State Theater
Near the door by the side

Went to throw you in the trunk and find a preacher for you
Cause I thought you had unlawful demons on you

Sinkin fast in the deepest soil
Your parents finally got you some help
You came out seemin’ normal and
I heard you on medication
Had an illness you couldn’t heal with herbs and meditation
And believe me, me and T3 kept it low
Take this as a diss, this is just to let you know that I love you
But watch the company you keep
Swearin’ niggas don’t care, but they love you in the streets
Get your mind right nigga

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