A Better Man

Everyday is growth. All I can ask the higher power above is that tomorrow is better than today and I make better choices. Obstacles thrown can easily have you whizzing down the wrong path for whatever reason. Mistakes made in the past luckily haven’t left a scar and I have been able to recover it. Ever since, I’ve had death grips on the steering wheel of life trying to stay on course. So far, I have ‘done everything right’ but I swear the grip loosens a bit at times. Thoughts like ‘what am I doing all of this for?’, ‘why does it matter?’, ‘no one cares’, etc.
“God won’t give you more than you can handle, carry these boulders” – Big KRIT
I get reminded to at least try and be a better man when I see great examples out here in the world.  I am no where near perfect but just the attempt is worth it. Even if things don’t work out, you tried and have no regrets.
yU – Better Man
Thank god I kept my hopes high through those devilish thoughts that seem to appear weekly. Staying on This road has got me everything I’ve wanted in life, which was options, to do almost anything I want to do.

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