Inspiration: DTMD


“God bless your life and look for the signs // The strength of your mind is how your life is defined”

Crazy Verse(s): Black Thought – Doin it Again

One of my favorites. Love these verses.

[Verse 1: Black Thought]
Remix, rising up out of the flames like a phoenix
Straining to carry the weight of my brain like a genius
Knowing I’m sowing seeds, let’s see whose thumb is the greenest
If I said “I mean it”, I did it because I need it
Eat, sleep it or bleed it, write it down and then read it
Asphalt to the cement, your trash talk, deleted
I blast off then lay ’em out like a Tempurpedic
It’s Black Thought, for certain I’mma win eventually
This unsung, underrated, under-appreciated
The one them underachievers had underestimated
Finally graduated, I’m one of the most hated
Something that’s so sacred,nobody goin’ take it
Face it, I keep doin’ it well
Doin’ it sans assistance, just do it yourself
Doin’ it below the radar, we doin’ it stealth
Doin’ it again for Illadelph, yo, who else?
We goin’ do it again!


[Verse 2: Black Thought]
Ayo I’m on my job, see my eyes focused where the prize be
Even though they tried to rob me and sabotage the spot
Just like ‘Pac when they got him in the lobby
Try to tax and fine me like Ronald Isley
I’s a changed man, ain’t no if, and’s or probably’s
Niggas used to know me, they don’t even recognise me
Yep, the P-5-D is who the repertoire be
Doin’ it again just like Poitier and Cosby
I’m like Martin Luther King, you like Rodney
The difference is I give it everything inside me
Dear diary, the fans still swear by me
Even though I’m Late Night now like “Here’s Johnny”
Swimming with them Great Whites now, that’s where to find me
Funny how it break right down, but never mind me
Forever grimey, I guess it’s just Philly shining
Rock roller, bi-polar like Phyllis Hyman

A Better Man

Everyday is growth. All I can ask the higher power above is that tomorrow is better than today and I make better choices. Obstacles thrown can easily have you whizzing down the wrong path for whatever reason. Mistakes made in the past luckily haven’t left a scar and I have been able to recover it. Ever since, I’ve had death grips on the steering wheel of life trying to stay on course. So far, I have ‘done everything right’ but I swear the grip loosens a bit at times. Thoughts like ‘what am I doing all of this for?’, ‘why does it matter?’, ‘no one cares’, etc.
“God won’t give you more than you can handle, carry these boulders” – Big KRIT
I get reminded to at least try and be a better man when I see great examples out here in the world.  I am no where near perfect but just the attempt is worth it. Even if things don’t work out, you tried and have no regrets.
yU – Better Man
Thank god I kept my hopes high through those devilish thoughts that seem to appear weekly. Staying on This road has got me everything I’ve wanted in life, which was options, to do almost anything I want to do.