Talking To The World

Back when Jim Jones was just another guy in The Diplomats, he dropped respectable debut album that I happen to cop on a whim. In high school, whenever my night was ending and I was leaving work (what up Wendy’s) or somewhere else, I would play these songs. It was usually between the hours of 1-4am. The album was already in so I just retreated to the deeper joints. Who knew I would still be banging them over 10 years later. These would put me in a daze for some reason. The beat, The sample, Jim just trying to make a living by any means. I can dig it. It was a turning point in my life. Soon to graduate with no idea what the next move would be. At this point, I was observing my surroundings. Mostly seeing what not to do but also seeing that this isn’t where I wanted to be and I really needed to find where my place in this world would be.

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