You never knew

Zoned out, Headphones in, cleaning up around the house. Love this joint.

Crazy Verse: Joey Badass – Bird’s Eye View

2nd verse. All verses on this was mean but Joey’s struck me with that spiritual talk.

Watching the game from a bird’s eye view
They say it’s hard to keep trust so my third eye grew
Chakras open, binocular scoping, sour smoking
Hoping my best buds ain’t only in it for the tokens
Cause they say it’s who you joking with, tokin’ potent with
Tag team and strokin’ chicks, the ones that do some bogus shit
Act cool on the strip, but want to put two on your hip
Macking jewels in your whips, booming your hits, screwing your bitch
Froze under my toes, bitches where my penis is
Kicking it since the womb, now you see what the fetus is
And what the fetus is? Would these niggas feed us shit?
Rob a nigga for his number 2’s to put my feet in, shit
Flow slippery, rise to the tippity top
I’mma make hot drops, make snakes history
Dreams of living civilly in Sicily
Laughing with a fan like

Father’s Children

Some music deserves the spotlight. Recorded in 1973? My goodness.

I had to dig to find out where this group actually came from. Long story short, this album was collecting dust for quite some time and it finally came to light many years later.

“Dirt and grime, the story of my life!!”

You know this was the highlight of Facts.

Quite frankly, the whole album is something to zone out to.



Talking To The World

Back when Jim Jones was just another guy in The Diplomats, he dropped respectable debut album that I happen to cop on a whim. In high school, whenever my night was ending and I was leaving work (what up Wendy’s) or somewhere else, I would play these songs. It was usually between the hours of 1-4am. The album was already in so I just retreated to the deeper joints. Who knew I would still be banging them over 10 years later. These would put me in a daze for some reason. The beat, The sample, Jim just trying to make a living by any means. I can dig it. It was a turning point in my life. Soon to graduate with no idea what the next move would be. At this point, I was observing my surroundings. Mostly seeing what not to do but also seeing that this isn’t where I wanted to be and I really needed to find where my place in this world would be.