Inspiration: Jay-Z

“One life to live, notice u get no sequel so I truly got to live this like my last movie”

This is the Cam’ron I like to hear

Purple Haze was my joint and if this is what the sequel will sound like, I can dig it. Its good for you all to look back from time to time to see how far you have come. This is exactly what we have from Cam on U Wasn’t There. Fader also did a thorough breakdown of the song here. Its a good quick read, check it out.

AZ, Common and this hidden classic

I plugged in the iPod, backed out the driveway and this jam hit my ears. It just fit the mood I was in perfectly heading to work. It’s nice when things happen like that. Love goes on feels like you are hopping from cloud to cloud with Jesus and them. Such a soft and airy production. 

This song always got me wondering what if. What if…. This track was on pieces of a man? One day it’ll all make sense? Like water for chocolate? Are they then classic albums?

What if this had a video? Second single for AZ’s album after How ya livin? 😡 that would have been a mean 1-2 punch. In 1998, this would have got some solid spins on the radio. Love this joint.

No man is bulletproof…

Something over the last year got me on Gang Starr heavy. Not sure why, perhaps just the search for some fresh thoughts. Once I heard the song Moment of Truth I was hooked like a fish.🎣 the honesty, the realness, and the confidence. Helped me through some tough times. More to come on Guru but until then find solace in these tracks.

Let Me Fly

I’ve been soaking up X’s first two albums heavy lately. His story has always been interesting to me. Its another aspect beyond the barking, songs like this put me in a daze. Plenty of gems dropped here.