It seems my body is getting me up earlier and earlier in the AM so I can enjoy the calmness and solitude of the morning. Thanks, body. Monochrome just captured the vibe for me this morning while sipping on this coffee. Shout to L’Orange.

Real Serious

I like the way Oh No puts together his beats. Only a few years ago, I found out he was Madlib’s brother. Runs in the family I guess. This Ohnomite album is pretty good.

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Inhumane Nature Instrumental

Just Blaze sampled Human Nature on This Has Been My Life for Ludacris.

Some touches I specifically liked:

  • He found a small loop in probably my favorite part of Human Nature.
  • He incorporated the laugh from Thriller. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!
  • The R&B drums
  • The many changes in the track
  • Perfect beat to think to