Slum Village + Napster

Back when Napster hit and we all were trying to build our library with our favorite music but could because the freaking downloads would have errors, go slow as hell or just plain stop! It was dial up back then. One of the first tracks that fully downloaded was Raise It Up. I had no idea who Slum Village were but I just remember this song downloaded with no issues. My brother and I listened to it and just happened to love it to death. We went stupid during the hook, it was crazy hype. The verses were different as well, basically the total opposite of what was on TV those days. So that was that and not until maybe 10 years later I knew who the members of the group were, that it had a video, and that it was off their first album. Crazy how things happen, I was a fan of Slum Village when they first hit the scene and didn’t even know it at first. This joint still bangs today. Raise it up….RaIsE iT Up……RAISE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jam out to the instrumental tho….

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