Best Verse: Mase – 24 Hours To Live (ft. Black Rob, The LOX, DMX)


This one was my favorite back in ’97, reciting it back and forth with friends at the back of the bus. Now that I look back on it, that was good concept and they knocked it out the park. My all time favorite verse to recite was the raspy Black Rob. His flow was nice and words were straight “ignant”. I like ignant wordplay at times and who doesn’t love “spanish mamis”. The common theme through all verses seemed to be spreading love, hanging with family and gettting revenge.
Mase – 24 Hours To Live (ft. Black Rob, The LOX, DMX)

Mase: Mason was the only one who seemed to be doing the most positive in his last 24. He’s talking about teaching kids how to spend their cash, swtiching the rich with the poor and finding his pops. He started the track rolling with a nice flow. I like his verse, he said alot in less than 16 bars.
Jadakiss: You can tell Jada was hungry on this one. His flow is a little faster than we’re used to but he came strong. He’s doing a mixture of spreading love, getting back at that “papi that sold him flour”, and having fun. No complaints on Jada’s verse, as always.

Black Rob: Rob had a action packed 24 that consists of a little sniff action, breaking the law, and pissing on the floor. Haha.  He ends it on a positive note spending his last hours with his son and his daughter. How nice. His verse had a bunch of everything in it.
Sheek: Immediately you absorb the energy from Sheek that he brings to the track. He’s robbing banks, making kids with bank tellers and blowing himself up in City Hall. Goodness gracious. Another underrated Sheek verse. Wow.
Styles: My favorite LOX member comes correct as expected. Like Black Rob, he starts the day out with a long list of crimes “shoot niggas that I hate, in they face while they eating” Pretty harsh. His last hours are spent with family dropping gems and preparing them for the future.
DMX: Personally, repairing a broken relationship with his mother is key for him. After such a nice start to the day,  he then straps himself with C4 goes down to Wall Street with his dog and leaves it all in a fog. Damn.
Best Verse: Black Rob

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