Words of Wisdom from Shawn Carter


Here are random notes I had for myself to reference every now and then. Just some truth to get you through the day.

  1. “I keep my head, both of them where they suppose to be.”  Lesson: Junior can ruin your life in various ways. Get him in check, make smart decisions.
  2. “relax your mind, let your conscious be free” Lesson: Slow down sometimes and enjoy the present moment. mediation is a great stress reliever.
  3. “if i shoot you, im brainless, if you shoot me, you famous – whats a nigga to do?” Lesson: Dont risk all you have worked for for petty situations/individuals.
  4. “Male shouldnt be jealous, thats a female trait – what? you made cuz you sell dimes and he sell weight?” Lesson: Dont care about what others are doing. Do you.
  5. “Be the most asked question: how I got them digits? I say I stick to the script and never stop for bitches, never talk like a mime I got to watch you snitches”  Lesson: stay focused on the prize. Don’t let the typical distractions get you off course temporarily or permenantly.
  6. “Everything that glitters ain’t gold” Lesson: self explanatory.
  7. “Pay your taxes, y’all niggas hustling backwards.” Lesson: The government will get your ass no matter who you are.
  8. “Men got to do men things for men salary”  Lesson: You got to work hard in life to achieve any real goal out here.
  9. “Sure books can guide you but your heart defines you, chica” Lesson: Your heart has the last word. Listen to it. If its right, cool. If not, it is what it is, you have no regrets.
  10. “niggas will coast in the SL but can’t post bail” Lesson: Save your money for a rainy day.
Its more than music. Pay attention to what’s being said and it might just save your life.

UPDATE: Found a post on TSS with even more great quotes.

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