A Little Saturday Morning Chill Delight

Just a little something to chill out to on this gorgeous Saturday morning. Enjoy!
Dom Kennedy – On and Off Switch ft. Like, Mibbs & Mykel

Tame Impala

Heard this in a coffee shop a few week back, the drum break immediately caught my ear. I’ve since checked out their Lonerism album, its pretty good. The producer has an interesting, complex production style. The vibe alone was enough for me.

Early Mornings with Pete’s Jazz

With it being so hot lately here in the South, you have to find the perfect times to enjoy the outdoors. Whether its fishing, walking, running, whatever your outdoor thing may be, I always believe you need a soundtrack for the moment in time. Beside the obvious Rock Creek Park and Clouds, another one I like to tap into are the sounds of Pete Rock, Petestrumentals. I dont know if he can play the bass guitar, but the grooves of his basslines is something Ive always been a fan of. Those basslines carry this mellow album throughout. Standouts like Play Dis Only At Night, Pete’s Jazz, and The Boss really capture that calm, relaxing vibe I’m looking for in the morning. Try it out for yourself. Between the hours of 5-7am, this album is food for the soul. Continue reading