Yo She Took Me Out My Stinking Asics

I always loved the beat and how Cam went in on it. “Of course, of course – we never had intercourse”

The Roots – And Then You Shoot Your Cousin Album Review

I like most of the The Roots’ albums but I’ve loved the last two. Let’s see what I think about this one…


Theme From Middle Of The Night
A start that you might skip the first time but listen to this one. Its perfectly placed to start the story along. Talk about a somber tone. Love Nina Simone.

Only the lonely love
Only the sad of soul
Wake and begin their day in the middle of the night
To breakfast on their pride
Where joys and tears just dried
To breakfast with the moon
In the middle of the night
Then to cut once more, my miserly hoard
Of your kisses in this darkness restored
To grasp your absent grace
In desperate embrace
To make your false heart true
Middle of the Night…The night

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Arsenio Hall Hip Hop All Star Freestyle

I haven’t seen this before but goodness it was so raw. MC Lyte came in ripping and CL Smooth held it down. Treach was a monster with it and when ODB starting yelling “the black man is God, the black man is God” I was rolling. Q-tip even finessed it.