Schoolboy Q – Break The Bank (Video)

Probably one of the most crippy videos that I’ve seen in a while. Oxymoron out Feb 25th, pick it up!

Owls of the Swamp – Garden

Usually I don’t listen to folk type of music but this selection was a tad bit different. I hope you enjoy it as well.

The Favs: Song, Beat, and Verse off The College Dropout

yeThis album is filled with multiple classics songs, beats and verses but what were our personal favs?

Beat: Last Call
Its been my favorite for quite a while so no need to change now. That Rockefeller sample is the cherry on top of such a chill beat. That baseline is smooth as hell and the drums are fat. This combination makes a controlled head nod mandatory.  What i didn’t know until recently is that they replayed the sample for whatever reason, Evidence found the original sample, Kanye put his touch on it too and oh yeah,  Jay-Z declined the beat on Fade To Black. This is one of few beats I could listen to all day. Continue reading