We started with a longggg list and chopped them down to our 5 favs. What a task. Which beats made the cut?


1. Black Milk – Higgs Boson (produced by Black Milk)
I could seriously let this beat play all day. Beautiful, just beautiful. Whoever was driving that Star Trek ship-plane thingy had to have this bumping in the cockpit, my goodness. Feels like you are just rolling through outer space on cruise control. From the bounce to the hi hat sequence to the various suttle changes throughout, this beat is mean.

2. AZ – We Movin (produced by Statik Selektah)
Statik Selektah! The joint is too smooth. Why you wanna lieeee!!?! Smh. The lady in the sample can’t contain herself and then you have the harmonizing under that. The right tempo, the right snares, the right bass – Great beat.

3. Black Milk – 80s TV Show (produced by Black Milk)
The groove on this bad boy will possibly have you in a dance off somewhere. You hear that harmonizing back there? Hot damn. Black Milk produced some great records in 2013, this is just one of them.

4. Rapsody – Dark Knights (produced by E.Jones)
Sounds like some little children singing as they skip to school back in the early 50s or something, smh. Throw a vintage drum loop under it and its golden, nothing else needed. A head nod is guaranteed. Props to E.Jones.

5. J.Cole – Villuminati (produced by J.Cole)
I thought Timbo produced this at first but found out J.Cole did this, impressive. The big drums under the slow strings and fast paced hi hats made a great combination. The occasional harmonizing “ooooooh” puts the cherry on the top.


1. THC – Now Dream
Such a groovy production with that vocal sample coming in and out. I like the usage of several female voices to give the beat some character. This joint had my head and shoulders bouncing all year. When the filter comes in that’s the switching point for the production from there the beat gets a little more space age.

2. Chuck Inglish – For The Love
Chuck known for lacing some funky ass productions. Those claps give you something to dance hard to. The bassline sounds like someone is humming it like they heard this thumping out of somebody’s Jeep. I like how this beat sounds like it should be in the stanky version of Mario Bros. I can picture Mario throwing a fire booger at a crack head. Good gracious.

3. Casey Veggies – Love=Hate (produced by THC)
Who has the idea to take a SBTRKT song and add their own touch to it. This that spaceship music right here, just gliding through the galaxy on 10. I like the pitch of the sample. The raining sound bite is just perfect to use especially when using the filter. The ending is just so sick.

4. SZA – The Odyssey Interlude (produced by BrandUn DeShay)
Now this is how you make a production that is catered to the artist. He doesn’t throw in any crazy drum loops or outrageous melodies. He keeps the production airy by using the rain soundbite and soft tone on the keyboard. But when that horn comes in my face got extremely ugly, reminds me of something that Pete Rock would have done.

5. Gilbere Forte – Double Cupped (produced by RAAK)
I don’t know where that sample came from but the way it was flipped is sick as hell. The production has that slow groove vibe to it. I like how those tones are randomly placed but they don’t sound too out of place. The bassline is simple. The sample pretty much makes the beat IMO.

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