I got these rap ni**as saying uncle

I can’t get this track off my brain today, mainly that vocal sample.

A Song To Play While Driving with A Lady Friend

I have a playlist for when I’m driving and I have someone with me who may not want to listen to the type of hip hop I enjoy nor any of the other extreme music that I have and this song is on that list. I refer to that list as the “Tender on the Ears” playlist. It just so happens that I have people ask me about this song the most out of the 50+ songs on the list. I think its because it has that festive feel to it and the energy level is just right. I can’t mess with Rudimental’s ‘Home‘ album though, maybe you may disagree with me but I think it just doesn’t roll like it could.

Spitta and Bronson

This is a connection I like to see. Two strong verses. Smooth sample. No complaints here. The Drive In Theatre coming soon.

“frog man bring it in, Operation BattleToad” – Currensy

“Pictures with the jockey in the winner’s circle / triple crown on, all brown on” – Bronson

Stream Pompeya’s New “Tropical Remix” Album

IMHO I think the remix of their relatively new album is better than the original. I can play it all the way through without a strong urge to press the skip button. The energy is just better. I guess it’s easier to do that when the foundation has already been laid though. Check it out below and see what you think.