Just My…Favorites 2013: Biggest Disappointment

Every year there is an album or mixtape that you may look to because that artist’s previous work was top tier. Or maybe that artist has been on a roll and you are just filled with anticipation but then reality hits and they drop the ball big time. Here’s our moments of disappointment


OverDoz – Boom
2 years bro, 2 years and we they deliver this weak sh#t. The project was full of random songs that they had already released. The new songs were just alright, there were maybe 1 or 2 songs that stood out. Nothing flowed together. This could have stayed on their hard drive IMO. Only thing truly enjoyable about the project was the opportunity to hear some new THC productions. I can’t believe that you have access to some of most creative producers out right now and you just fail to take advantage of that. I tell you one thing the album BETTER be on 100 or I’m disconnecting. What’s even worse is that we will probably have to waiting for the album after a freakin tour and then who knows the album could be trash, smh.


Hustle Gang – G.D.O.D.
Perhaps my expectations were far too high for T.I.’s squad. With T.I., Young Dro, B.O.B, Mac Boney and Big Kuntry alone, I thought this would be a pretty good tape. Well I was wrong. Only a few tracks stood out, the rest had the same ol feel, it got stale really quick for me. Too many hood tracks that are all pulled from the same template, same goes for the production. DJ Toomp was needed on this. With versatile talent on the roster, I expected this to sound totally different. I thought I would get some Heavy Chevy mixed with some 5th Dimension, but I didn’t.

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