kendrickWhich verses had us looking for the rewind button this year? Although many were crazy, only 5 can be chosen.

1. Kendrick Lamar – BET Cypher

Ha ha, joke’s on you, hi five…..smh. The Control verse was tough but this verse really got me. Goodness gracious.

Ha-ha, joke’s on you, high-five
I’m bulletproof, your shots will never penetrate
Pin a tail on a donkey, boy, you been a fake
I got my thumb on Hip Hop and my foot in the back of yo ass
Aftermath get the last laugh

2. Big KRIT – KING Part 3

Part 2 was on last year’s list. The way KRIT pours out his thoughts on smooth production is unmatched by most rappers. Part 3 doesn’t disappoint over Nas’ Stay beat as KRIT thinks of leaving the game.

Be a rapper or a Christian Krit
Cause in this game there’s no room for that religion shit
Acrobatic flip my temper cause I remeber
It’s either heaven or Hell and that shit simple

3. Chance The Rapper – Acid Rain (1st Verse)
Ever since this track drop, I’ve always enjoyed how this verse was delivered. The somberness of the verse and production mix so well and on top of that, chance is dropping plenty of food for thought.

Took the team up off my back, like “That’s not your jersey?”
Stressin’, pullin’ my hair out, hoping I don’t get picked
All this medicine in me hoping I don’t get sick
Making all of this money hoping I don’t get rich
Cause niggas still getting bodied for foams

4. yU – Bonus Flow (2nd verse)

yU just keep spitting his butt off like its nothing. His style is gritty but composed. This verse was indeed an upper cut to the stomach.

This what they wanted… uppercuts to the stomach, yup yo ass get busted
On the mic whenever we touch it
Look what them suckas loving that shit that ain’t sayin nuffin
Haha I get to chuckling like fuck em we way above em
Sumthin comin wit that substance & crushin and that’s how we does it
Do this rulers u foolish we finish fellas for fronting

5. Raekwon – Coconut Oil (2nd verse)

This is just Chef talking that fly talk like he always does so well. He sounded right at home over that soulful beat. “this that black sand talk” Yes, very much so. Every word.

All praises then extended both arms
Laid on the rug, thought about like life style
Hugged my lady harder, regarded
Regardless pardon Miss lets flow beyond


1. J.Cole – 3 Wishes (Verse 1)

I don’t think I’ve heard a verse this personal all year. I’m surprised that he was so depictive. I have to give respect to him for sharing so much and his creativity. I like how he didn’t make the whole verse about himself but gave the listener the opportunity to explain why someone could end up a situation like that. There’s a bit of psychology in this verse. You have to listen to over and over to soak up everything. We all can relate to bits and pieces of the story or maybe all of it. The production was up to par but the verse was perfect. You also have to understand to that he laced in the 3 wishes from the title of the song, ridiculous kudos

2. J.Cole – Rise Above (Verse 1)

I’m not really feeling the production for song but when I started listening to the words I couldn’t let go. How does he make the story sound so real, it probably is but he’s speaking on it from a third person point of view. What’s crazier is that you can envision the characters in the story, like the details all the way down to a little girl in the back of Honda buckled up.

she just got a call from her homegirl Ronda, who said he been creeping, he been f#cking with Yolanda, Yolanda? Yea girl Yolanda, told you he ain’t sh#t but you ain’t listen I was tryin ta, CLICK hmm, hung up that phone and hopped right up in that Honda

3. Oddisee – Yeezus Was A Mortal Man (Verse 1)

If there were ever a verse that an artist made a statement on then this would be it. I didn’t know Oddisee had this much tension built up in him. He meant to say every word in the verse. It’s like a fire was lit under his ass or something.

I’m permanently settled in like melanin
it’s a bloodsport and yall bleeding between the legs and I’m in no need of eggs my lady got hell’a hips
citizen of the globe and any place that I’ve ever been I pissed on, that was for the wolves that was smelling scent now get gone

UNGH! Oddisee pretty much showed that he wasn’t to be F’d with.

4. Vic Mensa – Orange Soda (Verse 2)

Now that’s how you start a verse right there. It’s like he’s going from a conversation to a rap. He had the right combination that’s why I give him a lot of respect for this verse. The background antics had me rolling. The layering was perfect for the song, it added the emotion factor to the verse. Everything just blended together correctly.

5. Dom Kennedy – Black Bentleys (Verse 1)

Dom’s best verses come from a place of honesty and inspiration.

gave a lot of music out for free instead of being sold, but deep down in my little heart man that sh#t is gold

He speaks on things he wants to do for his homies and his city. He shares some of his life experiences and how interactions with people change when you go to the next level. He uses this verse to try to motivate others to do what they believe they were meant to do.

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