joey-badassPlenty to choose from but which track got the most rotation from us on the daily?

1. Oddisee – Own Appeal

This so real, not knowing what’s ahead but I’ma go there still / Living in the moment got a hopeless feel but the feeling in itself got it’s own appeal   I feel that. This was probably the most relatable track for me this year. Im attracted to relatable material if you haven’t noticed. The thoughts, focus, and passion on top of the groovy production makes a song.

2. Kanye West – New Slaves

Come on man, I love this track. Only Kanye can spazz and put together such a classic. From the bassline to the switch up, I dig it. Shout out to Omega too.

3. Jay-Z – FUTW

I felt where Jay was coming from on this one. Just let me be great. He came strong on this joint.

4. Joey Badass – 95 to inifinity

9-5 til infinityyyy….chicken from Kennedys! Love the gritty production and the wordplay. This track let me know once more that Joey is a problem.

5. Uptown XO – Spread Love

I knew XO had this in him, well maybe I didn’t but this joint is too smooth, AB The Pro made a great beat and XO really delivered on the wordplay. I was bumping this one hard most nights. Uptown XO at his best. Ricky got killed for his new foamposites / keepin up got us stuck, lets talk about it


1. Tyler the Creator – Rusty ft. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt

The excerpt at the beginning was just right for the song and what followed was perfection. This song reminds me of one of those gritty 90’s posse cuts. Everybody just brought their aggression to the table and crafted verses that meant something to them and didn’t care if it meant anything to you. Tyler came with it, he took some shots at some people and he blatantly didn’t care. That horn in the background made the production sound so smooth. I need to see a video for the creation of this song. “why don’t you jump you f##kin pu55y”…tough!

2. Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps

That bassline was extremely hefty! I think this song resonated with me because I used to love that Wu-Tang “Protect Ya Neck”. The way Harry Fraud flipped that Lowell Fulsom sample was so pure. Everytime I listen to this song I get a different set of visuals in my head mostly involving some plus size women dancing. “50 Dominicans deep no socks on!” LMAO

3. Bas – Cousins ft. J.Cole

I have to admit that I mostly listen to this song for J.Cole’s verse, not to say that Bas didn’t do his thing but Cole’s just sounded more personal.

had couple things in common like Lonnie Lynn

I could relate to all of things that Cole was talking about in his verse. Having a cousin that you grew up with a some point that person went away and the opportunity for reconnection wasn’t what you thought it was going to be. There was so much in his verse that was just relatable.

4. Chance the Rapper – Everybody’s Something ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Saba

This is such a soulful song. The way he came in with that “what’s good good and what’s good evil? And what’s good gangsta’s and what’s good people?” The way that he twisted up the wordplay was clever. I swear I used to listen to this song every day when it first came out. When Saba came in he gave the track the edge that it needed to take it to the next level. You can hear the agony in his voice, which is what made the song that much better.

5. Drake – Wu Tang Forever

I just love the way the keys sound in this song. Drake did his thing on the song but the production won me over. The second verse was just so real, he speaks on dealing with the complexities of that level of success and what the struggles can be.

6 thoughts on “JUST MY…FAVORITES 2013: SONGS

  1. I just knew satchford was going to pick an Odisee tune. Lol

    Rusty? Really now

    Great lists guys but yall still sleeping on curren$y, nipsey and earl sweatshirt.

    Mac miller had the dopest tapes out this year

  2. Yep this list is ok, I only like that kanye track. Can’t wait for yall best beats of the year

  3. Thanks for checking out the year end posts. We encourage readers to share their top 5 personal favorites too. We’re just as curious on what you all were vibing to the most this year.

  4. Yeah I don’t yall list this year.
    Here’s my favorite

    1.Mac miller-Red dot music
    2.Gilbere forte-Nolita
    3.Lil wayne-Rich as fuck
    4.Drake-Tuscan leather
    5.Ab-soul -Dub sac

    You can’t beat those
    I love this site !!!

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