Two Of The Sickest Breakdowns in Indie Rock

First off, the picture above truly has nothing to do with this post I just like it and couldn’t think of anything special to put there for the moment. Now, there has been two, memorable, times while I have been listening to modern indie rock that have just taken me to another level or dimension. They stand out to me so much that I can’t wait to listen to them and I try not to overly do it. What’s even better about them is that the whole song is great but these parts just touch a nerve in a special manner. I call them breakdowns, some may call them riffs, I’m not sure what the artists themselves would refer to them as but it has to be something along the same lines as complete nirvana. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Metronomy – We Broke Free [breakdown starts at 2:10]

GOOD GRACIOUS. I need to see some studio footage of that session. How did they figure out “yea this is it”?? How did they know that there wasn’t something missing and they didn’t have too much?? Herb? Somebody was getting extremely busy on that electric guitar. Who’s decision was it to keep the vocals in the background during this moment? Those synths just meshed so perfectly with the tones of the other instruments. It didn’t sound distorted it was more of a deep stretch. It was the musical equivalent to the moment right when the warp drive was reaching its full potential on the Starship Enterprise.

Sometimes the volume on your speakers can’t go high enough. Orgasmic. This joint will have you feeling like Chappelle when that lady gave him that mary jane at the counter in Half Baked.

MGMT – Of Moons, Birds and Monster [breakdown starts at 2:25]

This joint has that 70’s feel to it. Satch and I always talk about visuals we have when we listen to this breakdown. One visual we always think that would fit perfectly is if they were to re-release Forrest Gump they would have to replace Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird with this song when Jenny was preparing herself to jump from that balcony. Coked up like a mutha. I need studio footage for this one as well.

Whoever was on the drums set the pace for what was to follow. When that guitar came in you automatically knew it was going to be something special. The compression and blending of those synths was flawless. This is what I want to be played when they lower me into the grave, it’s some powerful ish.

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