The One Song You Should Have To Get You Through A Workout

We all have those days when we show up to get a good burn in and we just stand there and sigh. Maybe you over-committed yourself or maybe you are just one step closer to your goal. Maybe you made it past that initial sigh and you’re mid-workout and trying to get that last rep. Or possibly run or cycle that last mile. Well music is a special thing, it has a power like no other art form to produce such emotion or motivation in this case. It can make you reach deep and grab for something you would not other wise look to grasp. I have one song that always works for me. When this song comes on I power through whatever I’m doing and feel like a champ afterwards, Rocky on top of the steps type of feel. Hopefully it can do the same for you, seeing tomorrow is Monday you might as well try it out. Enjoy!
Mogwai – Auto Rock

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