Overdoz – Boom (Album Review)

Been waiting 2 years so this sh#t better be 100% pure.

Underground ft. Pimp C
Him talking at the beginning is annoying but that’s part of who Overdoz is. It’s interesting how THC chose to flip this sample. I liked those sound excerpts they used throughout the song. I don’t think this is the best way to start off a mixtape, it sounds like a random song with no direction.

These Niggas ft. Nipsey Hussle
This joint is growing on me. THC added those changes in the beat and I think that what helped this song out the most. The lyrics are on that classic Overdoz ish. They stay talking about their relationships and all of the situations they get into. Nipsey comes in with that Crenshaw, we ain’t playing around type of mentality. I could see this being playing on the radio and it wouldn’t bother me.

F$W$AD ft. Problem
I’m not feeling this song mainly because I find that of that chorus. It makes the song sound so cheesy to me. If I had to highlight anything about the song it would be at least it’s a THC beat.

Lauren London
Now this my jammy right here. Kent came it so smooth and set the pace for the rest of the song. Originally I thought that it was going to be a corny song because there were so many songs out named after random people, so I put listening to it off for the longest. I think Joon had the second best verse.

Desto’s Don’t Stress Hoes
Is he talking about Dom Kennedy at the beginning of the song? This song is interesting because it doesn’t sound like it’s not mixed until later on in the song. That second verse is bonkers. The whining sound in the background is a nice addition to the production.
I’m smoking like a Pinto with a broken muff-a-ler
lmao. Sleezy don’t slack even though he rode the anchor on this joint.

Killer Tofu
OH YE OH KILLER TOFU! Joon came in ripping like a mutha. This song has that classic Overdoz feel to it. The chorus reminds me of something from Live For Die For. It’s so short and I felt like it could have went further.

Lapdance ft. Juicy J
wtf? Sounds like another random throw away song. The whole song is about lapdances, duhh, but there’s not much else to it. Skippable.

I wasn’t feeling this joint initially because in all honesty it sounded like they had sold out for a second. But when Kent & Joon came in I realized that they did not. The energy level is high and the verses were so confident. I have to admit that they did it their way and the production wasn’t bad either.

Tongue Ring ft. Cheetah Boyz & DJ Dram
Now this song on the other hand had me like wtf again. This sh#t is garb, skip.

Barbary Coast
Back to that good music for a second. I like how the bassline and the drums stay changing. The standout part of this song is the chorus for sure. This song is one of those feel good types of songs. Just something to press play and chill out to or dance to.

When I Woke Up
More of an interlude than any type of song. It’s kind of experiment with all of different voice changes used throughout the song.


This is probably the first song that I think contains a lot of that original Overdoz sound. It’s a song about the complications in relationships.
ever since then every nigga that meet her thinkin the grass is greener and try to jump that fence
THC provided a groovy ass production.

Lois Lane
Ugh I’m not feeling this joint. I want to say that it sounds like another random song that they just threw up here but it sounds like it has a spot where it should be. Fail but nice try.

Last Love Song
It’s like a goodbye message to someone before the breakup occurs. Its song made out of being fed up with dealing with somebody’s bull. I’m still on the edge of whether I like this song or not.

Inside ft. Gwen Bunn

When that break down comes in that’s when I know I would fux with this joint. This my type of song with Gwen leading the vocals and the production is funky. This sounds more like an Outkast song than anything until that break of course. Verses are about some of things that they do while in LA and who they are. That piano breakdown, smh, Gwen is making some deep footprints lately.

Sounds a little jazzy and R&B-ish. The chorus reminds me of song from Andre 3000’s The Love Below. It’s definitely an easy song to listen to.

A groovy song that shows them expressing their aggression when comes to stubborn people. I wouldn’t say this song standouts but it’s better than some of the other matter on the album.

First of all WTF is this sh#t? 2 years and we get this. Half of this is random songs that they released throughout that time. The rest of the songs sound like they could be random as well. BOOM has no cohesion. I was expecting a more complete project. At least we got to here a couple of nice productions from THC and Gwenn Bunn did her thing. That new album better be hitting on all cylinders or I’m not spending a cent on now of their music. It’s hard to show appreciation the standout songs when they are overshadowed by lackluster songs. It’s like one moment you get a taste of something nice but then the next 3 or 4 are so horrible that you can no longer taste the sweetness from that 1 song.
Rating: 3/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Lauren London, Thinkin, Inside

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