Dial M for….the Help Desk?

cam ja

So I’m at work talking to a co-worker about uninteresting work stuff and as I was explaining to her…one part of my sentence stuck out right after I said it, “have them dial *0 for the help desk…”. Right after that, my mind immediately went to “2-0-4-76, they wired my Ma, couple weeks prior to Ja”. The classic Cam’ron and Ja Rule track, Dial M for Murder. So of course I had to blast it in the pod the next opportunity I got. This one brings back some memories. I forgot this originally was a solo Ja Rule track until after hearing Cam’s freestyle over it. Its been a while since I heard that Pain is Love album but if I remember correctly, it was pretty good. Cam ended up making this the intro to Purple Haze while adding some more bars. All in all, these made for 3 delightful tracks to stash in your collection.

Ja Rule & Cam’ron – Dial M for Murder

Cam’ron – Purple Haze Album Intro


Ja Rule – Dial M for Murder

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