Another Album That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On This Year

It’s nice to hear a song from a band that you have never heard of and like it. It’s even better when that band releases a full album without all of the promotional timeline bull@#@t and it’s actually worthy of playing all the way through without skipping a single track. This is rare in the indie world.

Made in Japan has managed to do that with the release of their new album Tame All Those Thoughts. My first encounter with the band came after I heard their song Follow the Leader. I thought of this band to be similar to Panama but with more free energy and a bit more experimental. For some reason I am surprised by the quality of this new album. The album starts out with a song called Community which is uptempo and inspiring. While listening to this song you hope that the rest of album is just as good as this song if not better. I loved how they took a minute to just vibe and throw in a few extra sounds to take the energy level up a notch.

History is a song that is easy going. The lyrics sound like a message to a person that you have been flirting with. This is one of those random songs that you may lift you’re head while playing this album while cleaning or something and be like “hmmm this sounds good I wonder what’s the title of this song“. Hibiscus initially reminded me of something that Incubus may have made. That bass guitar pretty much is the standout instrument for the production. There’s a portion of the song where they just let loose and just go bonkers. Everything was in sync at that moment and the final product sounded truly amazing. You have to appreciate the way they made it sound like the song was over but immediately come back in with the rapid tumbling of the guitar string. The fourth song entitled I’ll Try was the song that made me think “wow this album may be a top candidate for album of the year“, in my and a few others’ worlds of course. The layering of the chorus was what really made this song sound crisp and clean. Somebody was getting busy on the strings for that solo part. I liked how the drums just flowed along with the rest of the song, they didn’t steal the show but they played their part perfectly.

Follow the Fool, of course is one of my favorite songs from the album. The build up was just right for me. I think this is one of the first songs off the album that they used synths heavily. What I loved the most about this song was how he gave it his all near the end of the song with the chorus. Inbetween Fixes is one of those songs that brings you along for a journey. It’s a breathy demonstration of true talent. Everyone was on a certain level and everything just meshed just right. What I liked the most about Always Here is that it brought so much energy back into the album. It was placed perfectly. It’s a feel good song. The lyrics sound more like a letter or message left for someone that the artist cares about dearly.

Tacet starts out sounding like something straight from a rock n roll album. That riff was bananas and I believe it was mixed with some type of synth. It’s another song they used to show their talent. They let the instruments sing for them. I caught my head bobbing quite a bit while listening to this particular song. To end the album with Low was damn near perfect for what it sounded like they were trying to achieve. Low embodies all of the various elements they used throughout the album. It also left the listener wanting to hear more, which is something that deserves praise. Partly strategic and 100% satisfying.

What I enjoyed the most about this new project from Made in Japan is the fact that they made the type of music that they wanted to make. It sounded like they gave it their all and there weren’t any moments that sounded weak. The transitions were smooth and it reaped of consistency, which is something that I yearn for nowadays but the supply is at an all time low. Tame All Those Thoughts is one of those types of albums to be played while cleaning, lounging, or perhaps at a small party or gallery. You can play it all the way through because the initial track helps to set the mood. I guarantee if you played this album while driving with friends or at a party then at least two or three people will ask you about it and that’s partially why I think that this album has raised the anti. I recommend this new project from Made in Japan for a swift purchase and sync to the pod.

To purchase the album click here.

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