A Song To Play While Within Your Fortress of Solitude

So I was driving somewhere the other day and my mind was kind of wandering and not really focusing on one particular thing. I came to a portion of my drive where I just looked on the sides of the road and saw the trees with their orange, red, and brown leaves. The autumn foliage looks amazing in NC and I noticed that there weren’t many people on the road. At that point I recalled a sensation that I felt when on a couple of rides on my old bike last year. Peace came across me and I could feel the wind on my face and I could sense my eyes fighting the sun rays behind my wayfarers. At that moment the only song that I could think of was this song by Johnny Cash.

Even though the lyrics are kind of sinister, the melody is peaceful. I guess I thought about this song because its one of those songs that could provoke an emotional response from anyone. What I was seeing during my ride, what I was envisioning, and what I was thinking made sense, everything was in such harmony. Sometimes when I used to ride I remember using that time to reflect on life and who I am and I believe that this song is partially about self reflection, regret, and acceptance.

As for the song, I prefer Johnny Cash’s version versus the Nine Inch Nails. This version does the best job at kidnapping all of the listener’s most intimate feelings, IMO. Although I have to admit that Trent Reznor did a wonderful job of performing the song live.

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