Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone out there!

this robbery’s a ghetto holiday call it ThanksforGiving“…Camron ‘Glory’

[Insert your favorite holiday song in the comments field]

New Overdoz out this Thursday!

Evidently Overdoz has a new project called “BOOM” which is due out this Thursday, November 14. Even though we’ve heard half of the songs already it’s still exciting to hear some new music from the group and some new THC productions! Until then enjoy this old Overdoz joint…
Don’t Know What to Do

Bubble Music

camronpurplehazebackgk6Back in 04 when all my friends had forgot about or didn’t care about the heavily-delayed Purple Haze finally being released, I was in my Prizm bumping that album so hard and more than likely Bubble Music was bumping as I manuvered through those back country roads. The sounds in the sample I’ve always loved, it’s has a true rock star vibe. Kanye brought that sample back for a GOOD Friday track. It was cool but nothing like Cam’s version. Continue reading