Crazy Verse: Cam’ron – Only One Way Up


Heard that Welcome To My World track and was disappointed. Back to the timeless Cameron Giles we all love.

Cam’ron – Only One Way Up

Where should I begin? I’m pompous
A thousand wins accomplished
Known throughout the atlas, honest been accomplished
You’ll be abolished
Men, children, women astonished
The Don is the one. jewelry: way beyond this
Chunky blessed on the chest
Funky? Yes when I dress
Thunder storm, damn
Monkey wrench in the fresh
But I cope wit’ the rain
Mad I can’t float with my dames
Down to the coastal wit caine
Maine, my boat is a plane
I land on the water, here I go boastin’ again
I keep toast, give a toast, inhale smoke for the pain
Girls gone wild? Nope
They goin’ insane
All doped off the fame
Jump rope with my chain
Now that;s off the chain, Ma take off your chain
The 40 will off your brain, kids will be lost and claimed
Cause of Walton James, now in the orphan game
Whether adoption or foster its all the same
Jim the rider of riders
JR the writer of writers
Juelz you know him well, hell he the fire of fire
I’m the supplier, baffled? That’s the hustler
Trife got a knife for that apple inside your jugular
The Big Apple, I tackle all the customers
Put it on the apple at the castle, come and fuck with us
And further more, got the birds of raw, I deserve a tour
Hey, hey holla’ back, swallow that
Thats murder whore
In a Persian turban, swervin’, that Suburban mergin’, curvin’, herb in the air
Yeah, yeah I’m hurtin y’all
See I crash and cop it, mash and mop it, blast a rocket
Natural born hustler, yeah crack I stocked it
Now my drugs are legal, so just pass the profit
Three months alone Sizzurp will smash the ‘Notic
We them B boys in one year a quarter billion
Here come the clothing line, I got your order children
And that’s more than illin’
Long as the Lord is willin’
I’m a pour in millions, so applaud a villain

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