Dom Kennedy – Get Home Safely (Album Review)

Been waiting to hear this joint for a minute so I’m excited. It’s hard to predict what a Dom album may sound like. Let’s see if its truly the concept type of album that he has been speaking of.

Lets Be Friends
This song reminds me of “Dom’s Prayer” but it’s not as groovy. He really doesn’t tie the verse to the title of the song until his second verse. Using this song as an intro wasn’t impressive and kind of put a sour taste in my mouth. Not to mention that the production is some subpar sh#t for the Futuristiks.

Now this joint hit hard. The production is airy and groovy.

my dad be working hard and he get no promotion, and he be there everyday, damn that’s devotion

I like how the lyrics are personal, but he only describes being 17 partly throughout the song. I fux wit this joint tho. I like how he has the lady at the end of the song telling the listener where him and his crew are at. This was pretty much taken from a movie called “The Warriors“, which I love, and now I can see a concept coming to fruition.

All Girl Crazy
Ugh that sample is annoying. He does have that old 25th Hour flow in this song.

the best is my average

I like how he describes the type of girls that he’s looking for, it’s not in a shallow manner, he does it by describing shared interests. I like how the song ends with the guitar solo, smooth.

After School
Futuristiks all over this one. He starts out describing his experiences back when he was in school. Part of the first verse sounded like a conversation. I can’t help to think about Skyzoo’s Dream Deferred when he mentions those words in the chorus. That screwed part at the end was legit.

If It Don’t Make Money ft. Skeme
This that Cali sh#t. This joint always have my shoulders bouncing. Haven’t heard a Dom & Skeme joint since From the Westside With Love. Skeme ripped.

don’t try to salt a ni99a name cause it ain’t gon stick

I like those verses when Dom does a little bit of bragging because it’s not overly done and he laughs about it.

Honey Buns Interlude
It’s an interlude. Very jazzy.

Honey Buns ft. KRONDON
I like how he starts off the verse. He is having fun with it and that’s one reason why I like listening to Dom. I like that fade before KRONDON’s verse.

and you softer than a 100 pack of honey buns

A really chill track. Not much to it.

Erica pt.2
That vocal sample in the background is sick. I like how he shares his frustration with the listener regarding where he is at in life and he wants to go further.

i’m from the era of freakin on the floor to some slow jams

I hear ya! You can tell that DJ Khalil had some input in that production. The letter at the end of the song was solid. Legit

Black Bentleys
This song kind of reminds me of something that Rick Ross would do but it has Dom written all over it. This is his best song lyrically on the album thus far. He’s kicking that knowledge and shares his passion for the music and why he does it. It’s sort of a motivational song if you listen to it well. Another “The Warriors” shout out at the end of the song!

Tryna Find My Way
I wasn’t feeling this joint initially but after a few listens I can groove with it. I have to admit that it’s easy to listen to and the fact that he has a female vocalist helping him with the chorus just makes it better. It’s a song that you can share with a loved one. I enjoy how the song ends, mellow as hell.

A Intermission for Watts
Very interesting that he would make this song. I can’t help to say that this reminds me of something that Kendrick Lamar would do. Peep that shout out to Jay Rock and Glasses Malone. The story that he told was interesting and kind of made me think for a second.

South Central Love
Been rocking with this joint since I first heard it. Dom has a talent for describing his relationships with women and he can paint a picture for you. The second verse he takes you on a small journey.

I won’t forget, that time your mom came home and you had me hop the fence

This song has kind of a festive vibe mixed with some soul. kudos to the Futuristiks.

I knew DrewByrd was gonna come with that sh#t. Another verse he uses to describe his encounter with some fly women. I want to think that this song could be a smash on the radio. It just has that vibe to it.

asked me what my real name was, told her Dominic

lol chill. This song is about haters, passion, having fun and much more.

Still Callin ft. TeeFlii
This is where Drew let me down. This song sounds too generic for me. Skip.

Pleeze ft. Nipsey Hussle

Aight DrewByrd came back with it. The way Dom started off was perfect.

streets real hard, but the test wasn’t, should have went to class with the rest of em

This might be the only song that truly promotes making it home safe. He does that by describing his experience in the streets. Nipsey just takes it to another level, I fux wit it. A direct bite from The Warriors at the end!

The 5 Year Theory
Just not feeling this joint. I’ve heard people say that they love it. I think its the tempo of the song that makes me not mess with it. The production sounds like it’s one of the producer’s earlier beats. He could have left this joint off the album IMO. The hidden portion of the song was pointless to me.

SMH this joint is funky as hell. That second verse is so pure, his flow is flawless. Kudos to Troy NoKa for providing that smooth ass production. This song just makes you feel good and appreciate life.

Nothing Like Me ft. DJ Mustard
I feel like this is a leftover song from FTWWL2. I’m glad this is a bonus song because otherwise it really doesn’t fit into the album.

After The Yellow Album I didn’t get my hopes up and that’s for good reason. This time it was easier for Dom to impress me. So to summarize this album I’ma lace up this Pros & Cons list for you.
-Partially kept to the concept of getting home safely
-Some groovy productions
-A couple of lyrical songs
-You get those DOM Kennedy songs and they are unaffected by what’s the norm right now
-Some signs of growth
-Purposeful collaborations
-Some poetic moments

-No THC nor Chuck Inglish productions (wtf bro)
-Too many songs
-Too many Futuristiks beats

Worthy of a purchase? I’ll let you decide that one. Definitely worth taking a listen to, even if it’s just the snippets from Amazon or itunes.
Rating: 7.5/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Black Bentleys, Dominic, AMNIGz

10 thoughts on “Dom Kennedy – Get Home Safely (Album Review)

  1. maybe, I just know that several sites have it up for streaming. It comes out tomorrow tho.

  2. Dom Kennedy should connect with Black Milk. They would make some good music.
    Im not really feeling a good part of the production on the album

  3. I understand what you’re saying about the productions. Idk about Black Milk tho that might sound a little off

  4. Well am not really disappointed about the production which I think is good but not really excellent. To me, he managed to go higher than the yellow album and I think its one of the best albums of this year along with Curly Castro, Danny Brown, Black Milk, Killer Mike and El-P and Sadistik. Dom Kennedy has an amazing potential. At first I did not like the album but its slowly growing. I think you need to give it several plays.

  5. The more you listen to it, the more you’ll like it. Everything from Honey Buns on is cold. Even Still Callin’ which sounds generic, has radio written all over it. Dope project by Dom.

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