The Promotion of Terrible Albums


Was this a terrible album? Maybe not. Maybe so.

Maybe i’m the minority but who gives a crap about this stuff. This has been going on for quite some time and I know its “sales & marketing” but there is no excuse for the end product. Like me, I know you all keep up to date with whats going on in the music world and constantly see posts like marked as “Teaser”, “Tracklisting”, or “Album Art” , you’ll get the occasional album snippets, and there always will be videos of rappers boasting “yo, go get my album – its guaranteed to shut down the rap game blah blah blah”. Whatever, just give me a full album of work that i can bump consistently. For all this promotion and build-up that goes into these albums, whats the point if the album sucks? So you just tricked me to spend $14 dollars on some crap?! You got me. Let me get that back though. And you wonder why people pirate music.

You spent more time boasting about what you do, than you do, so by the time your sh&t is due, its doo doo. – Ab-Soul

The supply of great albums are scarce these days, I was starting to give up hope. You have to search more than ever to find some consistently good tunes. Is it that hard to make a good album? Naw. They’re plenty of classic albums to study and learn from, not copy, learn…take notes from.  The foundation of it is mostly the same, you can still be you. Don’t put your mixtape tracks which most of the time is hotter than whats on the album. Every rapper does this. It really doesn’t matter to me, a song is a song. albums and mixtapes, thats the same thing in my head but to be honest, people will more likely remember the terrible album and not the great mixtape. Yeah I know, its the label’s fault. The saga continues…

Did the fans just get tired of the outcome, one dope single and a bullsh** album -Joe Budden

In the end, you will have to become a master at identifying true potential in an artist which I haven’t become yet. Though I’ve had my fair share of discoveries, I’ve had plenty of misses. Don’t fall for the hype they are feeding you. There has been plenty of times where I was planning to review an album and was so disappointed that I couldn’t muster up enough energy to review such material. I will try to do better, people. I just want something I can zone out to, soak up some knowledge, boogy to (guy in the middle) or occasionally spazz out to (guy on the left)….


But perhaps there is a solution to all of this….

UPDATE: David D. from TSS noticed this also and offers some key signs to look out for.

4 thoughts on “The Promotion of Terrible Albums

  1. ” Don’t fall for the hype they are feeding you” True.
    But its also really hard in a time like this where 2.0 is all over the place with all the tools harrassing you everyday to test and buy this and that….

  2. Agreed, it is frustrating. I will have a follow up post to this on a possible solution to combat this problem.

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