Sample to Drake’s Wu Tang Forever & Pound Cake

I’m just in the mood to listen to some samples this morning. Two of my favorite songs from Drake’s Nothing Was The Same contains samples that I wanted to listen to just to kind of see how they were flipped by Noah ’40’ Shebib & Boi1da. The first of which comes from Wu Tang Forever which was produced by 40. I like this production because it’s simple and it still manages to bring the listener closer to the mood that the producer was trying to promote. The drum pattern and bassline are both simple. More time was put into creating a melody from the chopped sample. The sample is…
Zodiac – Loss Config

You can tell that 40 took the sample from an early part of the song. The tempo was slowed down perhaps and the portion that he took was maybe like an odd bar, meaning that he had to make the loop sound smooth because when you take samples with an odd amount of bars then if you were to just play them back to back you would always hear that pause opposed to if you took a sample with an even amount of bars.
Drake – Wu Tang Forever

Well done 40.

Another song that I enjoy from Drake’s new album is Pound Cake. It truly has that Toronto music feel to it. It’s like there’s a small dose of grunge injected into the production. What surprised me is where the sample came from…
Ellie Goulding – Don’t Say A Word

but it’s not too shocking especially if you listen closely. I have to down play Boi1da’s production skills a little bit because the portion of the sample that he took was just right there for the taking. He may have had to clear out some of the air but there was not any instruments or anything in the background when she sung that part. Nevertheless his choice was perfect for the direction of the production.
Drake – Pound Cake ft. Jay-Z

kudos to Boi1da.

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