I have been curious to find out what this project from Vic Mensa would sound like. I’ve noticed lately that his flow resembles Chance the Rapper’s and I was just hoping that maybe some of that will be carried over to this project and he would leave those really pop like songs off. I guess we will see, so let’s get into it.

Welcome to INNANET
I kind of like that sample at the beginning but when those drums come in my face gets real ugly. He uses this song just to unload his mind and its a rapid fire of words. I like how the transition happens for the next song with the drums solo.

Orange Soda

This that jammy right here. I love how he started off the verse, it’s on some Ice Cube “shake em up shake em up shake em up shake em” flow. His flow on the second verse is so pure. What makes it better is when he layers it. The chorus just has that old school hip hop feel to it, so much soul. The piano solo at the end was just perfect.

Lovely Day
The in and out of the beat at the beginning was a nice way to start of the song. I like how the first verse was pretty much a build up for the chorus. Kudos for putting in a bridge. There’s so many different parts of the song that sound well managed that you just have to sit back enjoy it. This song has that bounce to it and it is the epitome of a lovely day. The outro is very jazzy, I’m feelin it.

Tweakin ft. Chance The Rapper
it sound like Ray J and Chris Brown on celebrity death match“, lmao , that’s a heck of way of starting a verse. Some of his lines will give you a good chuckle. The way Chance started out his verse was ridiculous. The illuminati analogy was rather clever. Overall this song is a fun song to listen to. It was a display of lyricism.

Fun (Interlude)
To reiterate what I said about the previous song.

Magic ft. Jesse Boykins III
I like the first verse because he uses it to inspire and share his story but I’m not feeling this beat.

see my b8tch she hold me down, even when gravity couldn’t

The end of the song is the part that I enjoyed the most with the breakdown and the harmonizing.

Time is Money ft. Rockie Fresh

Goodness, this joint is a banger. His flow is so pure in that first verse. How he controls the pace of his verse over this beat reveals a lot. He uses this song to question why some things happen in life. This joint feels like an anthem.

buying a stairway to Heaven, cause I know we all have to die

Rockie Fresh came to do his thing. You can hear the confidence in his voice and that’s what made the verse so much better.

YNSP ft. Eliza Doolitte
I wasn’t feeling this song when it first came out and I still don’t feel it. Eliza Doolittle could have been left off. I’m not feeling the sample either. Still a skippable song IMO.

Hollywood LA ft. Lili K
The intro was so pure to this joint by him paying homage to Biggie’s “Going Back to Cali”. I like the harmonizing at the beginning of the song as well.

took a bath with the preacher’s daughter, I guess that’s holy water

I also like when he uses Lili in layering during his singing portion. It helps to put the listener in the mood that they are trying to set. The ending of the song was well thought out.

Holy Holy ft. Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid

The story that he tells in his verse was very humbling. When the production gets deeper the song is taken to another level. He ponders about the “what if’s” in his life which is something that we all do.

see these the type of records that make me think about Alori
it kills me inside, that’s why we can’t hear her side of the story

Soul! Goodness if that verse don’t make you want to press the repeat button idk what will.

Fear & Doubt ft. Kenna & Joey Purp
Dude sounds like The Weeknd on the intro, kind of. Vic uses his verse to talk about the expectations that people have of him and how he responds to them. The features were just alright. I probably wouldn’t seek this song out to listen to. The ending of the song was the best part to me.

Yap Yap
If this beat sound like the 2nd level of Super Mario Bros 2. It’s songs like this that remind me of how much he sounds like Chance but a little more edgy. Short & sweet.

RUN ft. Thundercat
Definitely a Thundercat type of song. This joint is a bit cheesy for me. This is the Red Hot Chili Peppers meet the Adams Family. I’m not even feeling the bridge, its just overly done. He could have released this separately from the rest of the album.

That Ni99a
How do you go from something corny to something groovy, this is how you do it. He has so much aggression in his voice in the first voice. This is the only time that I have ever thought he was off beat. Not feeling the flow but I do appreciate the attitude.

I was expecting a little more out of this tape. I say half of it was that soulful music that I was expecting and the other half was experimental. I did hear some growth though due to the complex compositions of the songs and the transitions from song to song were up to par. It’s hard to overlook the fact that he sounds like Chance the Rapper, which isn’t a bad thing but I was expecting to get a glimpse into his uniqueness. I recommend streaming this album and maybe just getting the songs you like.
Rating: 5/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Orange Soda, Hollywood LA, Holy Holy

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  1. You should listen to a stream of the album and make a decision based on your opinion, our tastes may differ.

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