An Album That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Sometimes whenever I’m in a jam, creatively, I like to throw on some music to help me move forward and get out all of my ideas. I usually needs something that’s easy to listen to, something that isn’t overrun by a heavy bassline or thumping drums. I prefer something that’s simple but the overall product may have some type of complexity to it. Luckily I had something provided for me in our inbox that helped me to get back on the right path. This album called Dust & Loops by Gated contained just the right elements. From the way it starts off with the song entitled 1961,you get the feel that you can kick back and just fade away.

Sao Paulo is one of those simple tracks that you can listen to while riding your bike or on a plane. I like these beats because they are made for various moments in life. StaggerManner is kind of an experimental track, I only say that because I can’t imagine hearing an artist rhyme over it. The intro at the beginning of Villian reminds me of something that’s off of Dilla’s The Shining I like Patt/Seq because it embodies its’ title. Its a composition made of patterns and sequences in some manner. I love Chillin because it sounds like its going to get demonic but maintains its relaxing composure. He basically contained two different melodies and made them sound like what they were not supposed to sound like. Calypso is perhaps my favorite track off of the project. I love how he sneaked that low pass filter in there. The flute provided a melody that mimicked something you would hear from an old Walt Disney movie. The abrupt ending was unexpected but well managed. Dusted is the beat that I like the least because of the cutting in and out of the beat, let that sh#t ride homie.

WhileUWaitin could be seen as some sort of interlude. Sign has that Pete Rock, jazzy feel to it. It sounds like the very beginning of a chopping session. It’s like a producer is messing around with a sample trying to find the perfect section to chop and loop. I think the sound excerpt at the beginning of Mi Place is from Orange Is The New Black, correct me if I’m wrong. Not sure how the intro connects with the rest of the beat. IMO it sounds incomplete. Now for U is another excellent display of work by Gated. This joint had my head bobbin steadily. The vocal sample didn’t bother me because the rest of beat was funky as hell. You got to love how it end and faded out. I’ll just let you form your own opinion about the last song off the project, Keep Goin

I’m glad that I had this to listen to today while I was putting some of my ideas on paper. What I enjoyed about the listening experience was that each song let me form my own visuals and it didn’t fault to one particular feeling. The project contained only the minimum amount of extreme emotion and it took the listener on a musical journey. I would say that this project from Gated is fresh and untainted. What made it even better was that the beats were short and sweet. As far as improvements go I would like hear so better drum patterns and perhaps better transitions from track to track. I’m not sure what the future looks like for Gated but I will keep my ear open that’s for sure.

To listen to Gated’s Dust & Loops click here.

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