The Favs: Top 5 Skyzoo Songs

I still feel like Skyzoo doesn’t get the respect or shine that he deserves. He always comes with it rather it’s a solo or a feature. His beat selections are on par a majority of the time too. So we want to take a moment to share with you all our favorite 5 Skyzoo songs thus far in no particular order. Peep

This was too hard to compile just 5 but heres my current top jammies.

My Interpretation

Excuse me as I kiss the skyyyyyyy! This is probably the one Skyzoo I’ve played the most. I always zone out when this come on, I love the wordplay. It feels like you are just floating through the clouds  or “riding on the wings of a dollar bill“.

And I can’t describe every time that I rise
But the further I go up, the more I wanna fly
And the limits don’t seem to be around
So if you see me now, you see that I ain’t tryin to see the ground
But I can come down whenever is necessary

For The Sleepers

Just listen. Don’t sleep. Tom Tom on the dash. Leroy Campbell when I Crayola this. Paint staircases like a custodian. Vivd words over simple piano notes. Love this joint.

Dear Whoever

Round of applause for illmind and this beat. Skyzoo spills out his emotion to his “B-F-F”, his notebook. It comes off as somewhat of a love letter. Spitting this over a melodic sample and hard drums, this joint had me from the first time i heard it.


I always liked the grittiness on this track. Black Milk gave him something proper, the bounce is there. “4 car lane to explain where my margin at” Come on man. Skylar is spitting some ish.

The Cost of Sleep

I ride to this one a bunch. The groove of the baseline keep my head nodding. You hear that harmonizing in the background. All of that along with some food for thought in the lyrics. This is my joint.

I concur what Satch said above. I listed about 10 songs just trying to come up with 5, tough

For The Sleepers
The production was so dramatic and Sky just took it to that level. His verse was like a rush of words and you want to listen to everything that he is saying. It’s truly a song for the sleepers.

tom tom on the dash but pardon me if I reach off

I love the way he describes his style by using artists and art media to draw analogies. Perfecto.

Drew & Derwin

I think I like this song so much because of how it connects with the skit prior to it. The way he talks about one of those nights where everything just goes right is on par.

Walk of shame out of this Gansevoort

Now that’s how you start a verse. Raheem on that bridge was just right. I think that this is one of Sky’s best song composition wise. That Yeezy sample at the end was perfect.

Wonderfully I

He just came with straight up lyrics in this song. He pretty much owned the production did his own thing with it.

turnt Bed-Stuy into Beavertown, Oregon

smh. It’s lyrics like this that keep your ears attached to the headphones. He has so much confidence when he spits.

Langston’s Pen

I’m glad he took illmind’s advise for this joint. He continuously pours out his thoughts. The song was put together perfectly, your head bob is continuous.

never been to Whole Foods, Met foods did me fine

He made the chorus sound like it was part of the verse and the words were so powerful. I love the part where he talks about getting calls from people he knows in prison, that was a very creative way of telling the listener about them. “Feeling like I found Langston’s pen“, so true.

The Opener

The intro will throw you for a loop if you don’t know what follows and what follows is pure hip hop. The piano playing between the intro and the main song provides a wonderful transition because once that bassline hits and those drums get to tapping you lose all control of your head. This is the first song that I heard from Skyzoo and this is the song that laid the foundation that built me into a fan.

that’s it me that could paint true Brooklyn like Shelton Lee

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