5 Samples That Are Being Played On Repeat In My Head Right Now

On most days if you were to scroll through my “Top 25 most played” playlist on my pod you would notice that there is like maybe 5 or 6 hip hop songs up there. With that being said I think that the reasoning behind my playlist being like that is because my quest for different music usually starts with a hip hop sample and that leads me to somewhere else. But sometimes I have those days when I just can’t get those dope ass samples out of my head. It may be a whole song playing in my mind or a 5 second loop. Today is one of those days and I just wanted to share with you all what samples I have replaying in my head at the moment.

SBTRKT – Something Does Right

This song just has that “let’s hop into my intergalactic spacecraft and travel beyond the stars” type of vibe to it. Sampha’s voice was perfect for this song, it’s not overwhelming, he makes the atmosphere so relaxing. I like the short rapid drum hits throughout the song. I’m not 100% sure why this song is in my mind today, I can speculate because it’s a Saturday and I’m feeling care free today. I would love to see a video on SBTRKT making this song.
Song sampled in: Casey Veggies – Love = Hate

The Jet Age of Tomorrow – The Knight Hawk

The melody created by the guitarist is just bonkers. This song has the feel of one of those old school breaks, it’s like something Earth, Wind, & Fire would incorporate into one of their songs. The elongated bursts of the distorted piano note help to add a sort of momentum to the production. Everything that follows is just sounds delivered in an exotic manner.
Song sampled in: Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D

Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember

That heavy bass is just something but when the keyboard comes on then everything is taken to another level. I’m not even going to front this is one of those songs that you might hear being played while in H&M or a shop like that. I often workout to this song because it has those build up moments that help me get in those 2 or 3 extra reps. When I had my bike I used to take rides up in the mountains with this blasting out of my earbuds pushing the bike to the limit on some Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible sh#t.
Song sampled in: Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C.

Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew

That bassline is so classic. When I listen to this song so many hip hop songs that I like reappear and I have the urge to listen to each and every one of them. The visuals that I get when I hear the music in this composition are similar to what you would find in Great Gatsby. It’s a dose of elegance mixed with a pinch of edginess. When the drums come in near the end of the song you get a reminder of how much soul is actually raveled up into the production of this song.
Song sampled in: A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation (most notable)

Jack Wilkins – Red Clay

Recently whenever I listen to song I want to bust out in “introducing its Bronsonlino!“. Sometimes I wonder what happened in that moment that he came up with that melody to play. I once heard that this song is a cover and it makes me wonder what all went into all of the elements that now exist in the song that Jack made. If it don’t sound like Carlos Santana is going off on that guitar lol. This joint make me wanna text somebody like “hey sucka ni99a
Song sampled in: Chance the Rapper – NaNa ft. Action Bronson

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